28 May 2009

Super Happy Fun Day #2 self port ruffz

heres the semi rough i did for the super happy fun day monthly draw off.

this is my daily planner i have at work to remember due dates, who has what, and who wants what etc etc. this is pretty much the style im gonna do my self port in.

dropping the finished piece this weekend *fingers crossed*



21 May 2009

Viva Bazooka: first try

this is the first layout. i'm not reallly digging it, and its not really flowing together like it did in my roughs..........

but i figured i'd post it up anyway so u guys could see the "works in progress/failed layouts" pieces

gonna put off the 2nd version while i jump into a flash project. then im gonna swing away and try again.

so here's Viva Bazooka.........take one

OH! thx to Jazun for hooking me up with the killer reference and Steve Bunch for well, being Steve:P



17 May 2009

Die Hard Fontography shenaniganz

heres a piece i did because i was stressed out this week and during my lunch break i would mess with text, yeah im a geek. warping text relaxs me:P

so heres the pic. a page entirely composed of Die Hard movie quotes



15 May 2009

Bread & Butter 4: Transformers 2

for B&B4 is a spread from 2 books we did for Transformers2:revenge of the fallen
pretty happy how one of the books came out....

so here's Transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen. "Operation AutoBot"



and im almost finished with a piece i've been tinkering on off and on this week, so no worriez new stuff is coming


06 May 2009

Super Happy Fun Day colorz

heres the colors for the piece i did for the "Super Happy Fun Day" group that my friend Ben Dale heads up.

colors are pretty simple. i gave myself 45 min. to speed color this. for what it is, i'm pretty happy wit it.

hope ya likes

MashUp Iron Fett