31 December 2011

Year in Review: 2011

So just in case you didn't know coming into this year was very scary for me. I left a New York City design firm where I spent 9 years... 9 years where I grew professionally, and creatively, it was a great place and I loved working there, but the last 2 years I really wanted to push more into interactive, and motion graphics. Sadly the NYC firm did not, so I left last December to join up with a network of freelancers that mainly work in interactive tutorials and motion graphics. Sitting aside February which work wise fell flat, I've been lucky enough to have solid work all year and I just wanted to thank all my friends and clients that made it possible! So Thank you Beckett, Felix, Blake, Robert, and Rochelle for being so awesome this year!! ClientPage -cheers wheat

13 December 2011

Global Gladiator Shirt is out!!

I feel very blessed that I get to split my time working on interactive tutorials/putting after effects on videos and designing cool shirts for Global martial arts. here is the latest shirt to be released. It's the Global Gladiator shirt and im pretty stoked on it! It even has a lil gladiator hiding under the armpit of the shirt!! GladiatorMOCKUP "under armpit view" OPENARMS and heres Levon Manyard after is pro MMA fight (he won!) with ring crew wearing the gladiator shirts!! yah Mateo:P LevonManyard MMA fight cheers, wheat

31 October 2011


LOL, Pound wearing the Pound shirt!! pound! -cheers, wheat

27 October 2011

Rebel Tuna

Here's a graphic i did for a new project Beckett and I are working on! RebelTunaLORez -cheers wheat

23 October 2011

Super cool!

so cool! i saw this on one of my friends facebook page, this guy (sorry to said guy that i don't know his name) is about to have his 1st pro MMA fight, he's stretching out getting ready for his fight and he's wearing my shirt design! so crazy cool! GlobalFIGHTshirt cheers, wheat

01 October 2011

Woot Global Shirt is out!

woot! my shirt is out and for sale!! yah! Global_International Shirt_01 -cheers wheat

29 September 2011

StarWars stencil

so my studio walls are still pretty bare, so i decided to do another stecils for the wall, it should be about 4 ft long when/ if its done so here it is. hope ya likes

23 September 2011

Blake Pound!

heres a pic i did for a warm up before we hunkered down on some flash today, its a pic of one of workmates from colorado, Blake Pound lb2 cheers, wheat

10 September 2011

Global shirt II

new global shirt! blue -cheers wheat

Global Shirts

so heres some shirt designs i did for Global Martail Arts, im pretty happy with it. GlobalShirts2b cheers Wheat

28 August 2011

Hurrican Irene hotel sketch

heres a sketch i did while i was in a hotel room waiting for the hurricane to pass over my house.



03 June 2011

warmup for the week

heres a pic ive been tinkering on as a warmup throughout this week
hope ya likes



24 May 2011

TrigopiX wall stencil: the cutouts

so heres the inprogress pix of the stencil being cut out.




TrigopiX wall stencil: the printouts

so i made a 14.74 x 55 inch long printed of all of my plates that im gonna use and pieced em all together. now to start cutting out the stencil and hope i didnt mess up in the mock up stage and my stencil holds its shape!




TrigopiX wall stencil: the mockup

so i wanted to make a piece ala "banksy" a real piece, not something that just hangs out on a computer screen. but something that started on the computer screen and ended up spray painted on the wall of my studio. so here starts the process!

heres the illustartor mock up piece i did to get things started

TrigopiX destktops1


11 May 2011

gentlemens duel round 4

whoot! time for another 3 month gentlemens duel!! this time its a head to head competition with the one and only Chris Wheeler of global martial arts!!! very stoked on this one! and after this we'll probably kick it back to it being a group competition. until then heres the new poster:P



26 April 2011

another shirt design

inbetween projects with Beckett i got some breathers by making these shirts, it was for cerebal palsy of virginia race



21 April 2011

t-shirt commision "shake your groove thing"

so i got to do a t-shirt design for my friend Jennifer's dance recital. You may have guessed its called "shake your groove thing"

heres the pic! it was fun doing this as it was a welcome break from the unforgiving mistress that is flash actionscript 3.0!



09 April 2011

tastybeats_loose pencils

heres a piece i've loosely pencilled while on was taking a break from flash the other day. i have the bg pretty much laid out in my head, so hopefully they'll be a window where i can ink and color this puppy and throw it up here. im trying to balance my workload more so i can still do personal projects and update the blog more.



01 April 2011

Yoda Warmup

heres the yoda warmup i kicked out while on my Skype conference call:P



30 March 2011

Coach in a box series intro

so we just finished this series of learning material call "coach in a box"
and while i cant post any of the guts inside of the project heres the intro for it.

maybe ill just replace the text thats in the project to lorem ipsum, and post a couple of pages later

Coach In a Box from TrigopiX on Vimeo.


Jinx! shirt

shirt i did for a Jinx!/warcraft contest.
*fingers crossed*



Global Intro Bump

heres a intro bump i did, its a real ruff draft, i still need to fix some of the speed elements in it. but so far so good

global_test from TrigopiX on Vimeo.


22 March 2011

Hyatt Awards 2011

sorry its been awhile since the last post, ive been pretty busy. Still working out the kinks on this freelance lifestyle:P

so heres some pics that Beckett took at the Hyatt Awards ceremony. We did the graphics/vids for it, and it turned out pretty cool.

it was pretty awesome seeing our stuff on huge screens!

hope ya likes!

heres a cool shot of the area!

these banners we did were outside, so you got to walk by all of em before you went inside and grabbed your seat.



one of our vids playing



...and people watching it:P



16 February 2011

the one that didnt make it.

heres a pic i did for a learning series with Beck..this was one of the ones that didnt make teh cut, but i still like it.

hope ya likes


vid effects warmup

so we're doing some after effects on actual video now, so i decided to warm up today by adding some after effects on the vid chris took off of his phone when we were at the driving range.

now the vid quality is pretty bad, it was on a droid. but it was still a good warmup to start the day

Wheat_Swing_Warmup from TrigopiX on Vimeo.


02 February 2011

Planet bump intro

heres a motion graphix vid i did awhile ago that i forgot to put up.
stay tuned for some motion book animation tests, should be up in a week or so

Planet commer. bump from TrigopiX on Vimeo.


18 January 2011

its been awhile:P

well, its been acouple of weeks, and im finally settling in at my new studio, i should have 2 vids up soon from the past 2 projects ive worked on and yet another star wars pic

until then heres a star wars pic i did you my cousin Ray, that dude digs Hoth:P