22 September 2010

GentsDuel Round3 INTRO_MATT

so heres the first intro scene. theres still some tweaks i need to make on it, but
i think its in a pretty good spot.

hope ya likes

GentDuel Intro_01_MATT from TrigopiX on Vimeo.


10 September 2010

GentsDuel Round3 Green screen

So i got a little break from full time and freelance work 2nite so i decided to prep the green screen vids that we did for GDrd3.

basically just trim the vids for the shot i want and cropping the vid so it will be easier to key out the green.

AND seeing that Matt got so butthurt about the poster only having me in it:P i decided to show his pre-keyed vid instead of mine:P whee!

hopefully this weekend i will hammer out the rest of the animation for the shot and throw a updated Matt shot! hope ya dig it.

GentsDuelRD3_GreenScreen_01 from TrigopiX on Vimeo.