17 June 2009

Ed Herreras "wrestler"

my friend threw up this awesome piece o pencils on his site http://www.nuevoart.blogspot.com/
it was in such a crazy style!!! i totally dig it

and i just had to ink it up. im planning on coloring it, im itchin to throw some color on it, so stay tuned it should be happening this weekend



14 June 2009

Supa Happy Funz Day-Video Game Revamp pt. 2

so heres a.....i dont really know what u call it, so i'll call it "fleshing out stage" of the Video game revamp challenge for Ben Dales "Super Happy Fun Day"

Nothing in this pic is locked down yet, this is more like just throwing ideas on paper and seeing what sticks, fonts can change, color can change etc etc. and the lil skater guy on front is the same dude from the roughs cuz i hated the way he turned out in this stage so i removed him, im gonna take another crack at em this week.

and i still gotta work out the back cover part with some pix or some text treatments

hope ya likes,



10 June 2009

Super Happy Fun Day "Video Game Revamp"

So...............this months Super happy fun day is to revamp a video game

so i decided to update the best Skateboarding game (besides tony hawk pro sk8er) is 720!!!!!!

so heres the ruffs for my pic 720 (thats right baby, on NOTEBOOK paper!!! OLD SKOOL STYLE!!! red dragonz!! rawr)



07 June 2009

super happy fun day self port

heres the self portrait with weapon of choice and spirit animal that i did for Bens "Super happy fun day" monthly draw-off

so for the weapon o choice: Jack rabbit Rocket....its a rocket launcher that shoots rabbits.

and of course my spirit animal is an Ewok, im not really sure that a ewok is a animal or a alien.....but w/e.

so here it is



04 June 2009

Shout out to Ringo!

Did this piece as a warmup. I've had the pencils on my system for a while and everytime i run across it i remember how awesome Mike Wieringo was.

so heres Ringos pencils and my speed inks/colors

R.I.P brother