27 July 2008

W-series piece 2 of 5

heres the 2nd piece of the "W series"

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24 July 2008


Finally! Topps finally put out the 2008 football cards so i can FINALLY show off the cards i designed!!!!!!

i designed all the cards for the "NFL DYNASTIES" set. they showcase dynasty teams (including of course the awesome Patriots,*which i designed first:P*)

and they come 4 different ways theres a
1. base card= the plain version, its still a insert but not worth much.
2. auto = same card as the base BUT has the players autograph on it.
3. relic= same as the base, but has a piece of the jersey embedded in the card.
4. auto relic= has a piece of jersey AND a autograph

so same as the baseball series here are my 3 designs i did for the set the 3rd card being the one they picked. *Only the LAST one is the one they picked*

and here's what they ended up as.....pretty much how i designed it but they shortened the super bowl dates, so instead of 2001, its just 01. liked it better 2001 but, w/e

plz excuse the quality of the pics below i grabbed em from Ebay, cuz im too lazy to scan in the ones i got at work today...and i only got a Ronnie Lott and Jerry Rice. still waiting on the Brady


Tom Brady REJECTED?!?!?! R U SERIOUS?!?

Well, here's the Tom Brady Tribute cards i did, that WERE approved and ready to go....until the Pats lost the super bowl.

apparently you can break all the offense records and go undefeated, end up 18-1..and they stiff Brady on the "you rule card"........ugh. it hurts even writing about it.

so here's the cards that were gonna be put out.....sucks cuz i really dug designing them and i wanted to see how they ended up

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20 July 2008

Flash Competition

so felix, beckett, and i started a flash competition cuz i really wanted to learn flash and nothing makes me learn more than getting ur face smushed in by your 2 friends that know flash way more than you do.

so we started out simple for me. the first round is shapes only, no people animation, etc etc. just shapes.

so i thought about it and the coolest thing i know that just has shapes in it is....well here see for yourself.

*note* starts off slow, but stick with it, it gets alittle better. also plz be gentle i've only used flash for a week, so this is a weeks knowledge of flash.

as the competition gets harder hopefully i'll get better *fingers crossed*




12 July 2008

Piece 1 of 5

here's the 1st piece of the "W Series"
its basically showing how movies, comics, etc have influenced my life and put me on the road to do what i've wanted to do since i was 4. create art for a living.
so heres "Power of the pencil"

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07 July 2008

Viral Test

prepping for something cool,
more info later

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06 July 2008

Mighty Muggs they'll never make series 3

I got an email from Mightyfanatic saying that he stumbled upon my first 2 series of Mighty Muggs and dug them enuff to throw them on his forum The Mighty Muggs Lounge

and asked if i had anymore Muggs, so here they are: Series 3
(theres one missing that i'm still looking for, when i finally find it, i'll drop it in)

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