12 July 2008

Piece 1 of 5

here's the 1st piece of the "W Series"
its basically showing how movies, comics, etc have influenced my life and put me on the road to do what i've wanted to do since i was 4. create art for a living.
so heres "Power of the pencil"

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The less talented Wheat brother said...

Hey, I'd do something about the left side of his face bro (his left side that is)... makes ya look a little chubbier than you actually are.

Also, add some facial hair... he looks like a cancer patient.

Other than that, good stuff...

Anonymous said...

Wow... it's evolution!! Actually used MORE than one color on the palette!

Tis a miracle, tis is! - Buc

Jazun's Art Blog said...
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Jazun's Art Blog said...

jazun said: since i'm not logged in. apparently the power of the pencil doesn't have the power of proportion with spideys t-rex arm lol overall cool though. and u look like a smug prick. perfect likeness. lol