31 October 2010

New PIc

heres some new pencils for u guys,
i'll explain it more when i post the inks/colors
hope u like it.



30 October 2010

25 October 2010

halloween skull pencils

heres a halloween skull that i sketched out while i was watching tv sunday.
im gonna throw some inks and colors on it later this week,
feels good to throw down on some pencils, and with the project i have coming
around the corner, theres gonna be alot more pencils:P



21 October 2010

Gents Duel Warmup week8

well, its been a while since ive posted up some new stuff on the blog
(my apologies) so heres a Illus warmup before i put in some hours into some freelance tonight,

heres a rough pic of Jamo, for the gents duel week8