09 July 2009

Super Happy Fun Day_Sci Fi_SteamPunk ROUGHZ

SO this months SHFD is taking any Sci-Fi movie and giving it the "Steampunk" treatment
soo............for my Sci-Fi movie i decided to go with DUNE!! wooot im crazy for spice!!!! it makes my eyes all BLUE!:P

anyways heres da roughs, and like the 720 pic i will show the "fleshing out" stage too.

hehehe, plz excuse the notebook paper, i found a blank composition notebook hidden in my studio and decided to adopt it as my sketch journal, not really that professional, but thrifty:P

hope ya likes,



04 July 2009

Super Happy Fun-Video Game Revamp donez!

so heres the finished pix
hope ya likes, cant wait to see what is this months topic!

video game revamp: 720, one of the coolest games i ever played as a kid. the only thing missing is a cloud of bees:P