28 February 2010

Mr.Kitty Kat poster

so my kid turned 4 this week, and her favorite stuffed animal is a cat called "Mr.Kitty Kat" so i decided to make a poster of said mr. kitty for one of her presents. heres da pix

heres the pic. its print size is 20x30


and here it is pre-cropped. it was cool seeing this printed so big, i was pretty stoked.


heres KT with her new poster, she dug it!


and heres Mr.Kitty Kat, with the Mr.Kitty Kat poster:P



17 February 2010

Fruit Flavored Water aka Alexis rules:P

my lil cousing made a fan page called "Fruit Flavored Water" and when i went to see what it was all about i saw her 1st post which read, "well today is my first day and ummm yummmm fruit flavored water" it was the cutest/coolest thing ever so i made a profile pic for the page, and decided to do a new one each month, so heres the first one followed by febuarys.




10 February 2010

random typography 2

so i was walking to work in NYC and i came across one of the many tourist trap stores.
the kind where they have all the crappy t-shirts with the wierdo sayings on em and u can buy 10 shirts for 10 bucks.
well i saw the saying "home is where i can poop for however long i want" right by a "i <3 NY" and i decided to to a text treatment with that saying.
so here it is.

home is..


06 February 2010

Random Typography 1: Tall ppl

heres a typography i kicked out to warmup for a day of inking
hope ya likes

Tall people


03 February 2010

warmup inks

i wanted to test out my new illustrator brush, so i pulled this page offa the interwebs. stuart immonen is one of my favorite pencillers so i really dug working off this page.
the only thing that sucked was that it was a 72dpi pic so it got really haggard when you zoomed in to ink in some details.

so top half pencils = stuart immonen
bottom half inks= me



6 dayz

so my friend Marie (shout out to baby carter:P)
asked me to illustrate the 6 days of creation for her bible class
for lil kiddies.
i kinda put it on the back burner for a couple of months and decided today
that it would be a great warmup. so here it is