28 February 2010

Mr.Kitty Kat poster

so my kid turned 4 this week, and her favorite stuffed animal is a cat called "Mr.Kitty Kat" so i decided to make a poster of said mr. kitty for one of her presents. heres da pix

heres the pic. its print size is 20x30


and here it is pre-cropped. it was cool seeing this printed so big, i was pretty stoked.


heres KT with her new poster, she dug it!


and heres Mr.Kitty Kat, with the Mr.Kitty Kat poster:P




Anonymous said...

That was good thinking getting Kitty in the picture with his poster. I'm sure he treasures the poster almost as much as KT. : )

Baldwin said...

2 times the cuteness with that last picture

Buc said...

saving those!

Anonymous said...

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