14 June 2009

Supa Happy Funz Day-Video Game Revamp pt. 2

so heres a.....i dont really know what u call it, so i'll call it "fleshing out stage" of the Video game revamp challenge for Ben Dales "Super Happy Fun Day"

Nothing in this pic is locked down yet, this is more like just throwing ideas on paper and seeing what sticks, fonts can change, color can change etc etc. and the lil skater guy on front is the same dude from the roughs cuz i hated the way he turned out in this stage so i removed him, im gonna take another crack at em this week.

and i still gotta work out the back cover part with some pix or some text treatments

hope ya likes,




Wendy Wheat said...

Wow! This is busy! You still enjoy using words I see... I love you!

Charlie-licious said...

I'm going to have sex with you one way or another. Might as well be while were skating.