31 December 2011

Year in Review: 2011

So just in case you didn't know coming into this year was very scary for me. I left a New York City design firm where I spent 9 years... 9 years where I grew professionally, and creatively, it was a great place and I loved working there, but the last 2 years I really wanted to push more into interactive, and motion graphics. Sadly the NYC firm did not, so I left last December to join up with a network of freelancers that mainly work in interactive tutorials and motion graphics. Sitting aside February which work wise fell flat, I've been lucky enough to have solid work all year and I just wanted to thank all my friends and clients that made it possible! So Thank you Beckett, Felix, Blake, Robert, and Rochelle for being so awesome this year!! ClientPage -cheers wheat

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et's this i believe said...

congrads on a successful year....going out alone is always scary but it looks like you have done quite well. Continue to enjoy the success in 2012.