08 June 2010

Breast Cancer 10k promo

So i got a freelance gig doing a 25sec piece on a Local 10k race for breast cancer.
it turned out pretty well, except she wanted the rotated pages to go slower than i had it, and she doesnt dig drop shadows, OH, and the fact the the race lost most of its funding and she had to cancell it, so when you get to the part where the names of the race and the name of the website are blurred out, thats cuz she was alittle embarrassed about the cancelled race part and asked me to blur it out if i put it on my website..so here it is.

an after effects gig! wooot!

hope ya likes.

BreastCancer 10k from TrigopiX on Vimeo.



BAS said...

That is awesome. That is something that would be on tv

Marcus said...

Good stuff Wheat, I really need to get into After effects. Nice muzzle flash video as well!

wheat said...

Baldwin and Marcus, thanks guys! your comments made my day!

Marcus: you should really mess around with AE, its crazy fun, its like photoshops older brother:P