18 July 2010

Gentlemens Duel Round 2

FINALLY!!! heres the finished vid for the gentlemens duel round race that ive been tinkering with inbetween work and freelance, hope you guys like!

Gentlemens Duel Round 2 from TrigopiX on Vimeo.



King Zombie said...

pretty cool, why is pedro holding up a piece of paper?

wheat said...

he wanted me to photoshop something on the paper but never told me what he wanted, so now he's just holding up a yellow piece of paper:P

WENDY said...

LOVE IT! I can't believe you taught yourself how to do this! You are so talented!

Marcus said...

I'm betting on Miguel... he looks like he's planning on cheating.

Jason said...

Ahaha... it turned out great.

Though your buddies need to work on their poses a bit more... only you and the shirt turban guy showed some quality goods.