26 April 2008

Ilustrator Warm Up- Gear Head

I wanted to do a warm up 2night and I couldn't figure out what to do. While I was thinking about it I glanced over and saw the Gear Head issues that a old friend penciled gave me at the NYC comic con........and it all fell into place.

so here's a simple illustrator warm up.

hit the link to check out/order some Gear Head and check out Kevins blog for the updates KevinMellon.com

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Jazun's Art Blog said...

how come parts of your black is black and some is grey? nice though.

wheat said...

sweet, thx for the heads up.
should be fixed now.

you'd think by now i would remember
60/40/40/100 :P

Anonymous said...

hey ..can u do me a favor.
my high schoolz robotics team named the Gearheadz needs a team logo to go on a black t.
w/ need the use of the color purple incorporated in the shirt. can u help us out