12 May 2008

KT Saturday

Well, no new pics this weekend.
But I figured i'd post something so here's some pics from the
KT Saturday (aka me hanging with my kid day)
This saturday we went up to my old school ala The Joe Kubert School
and paid a visit to my friend Ben Dale who teaches there every Sat.
It was fun, Ben and KT really hit it off.

Ben even gave her a stuffed gorilla that she now calls "Ben"

here's the pix

so I promise that I'll post up the colors for the Star Wars pic this week and if all goes right some Thor pencils!! :P

oh and the Iron Man movie RULES!!!! Thx Brian, Brian, and Steve it was an awsome time!
........even though Steve didn't get the after the credit thing and how cool that was



Anonymous said...

Wow! What an adorable daughter you have. You are so lucky!

wheat said...

...........why do i think this is jazun making fun of me?

Ben Dale said...

Wow! What an adorable friend you have, You are so lucky!

Jazun's Art Blog said...

i dont do silly shit like that.

Jazun's Art Blog said...

**kicks** ben dale.

wheat said...

***steals Bens wallet******

.......man, its empty